Our world class experts help find solutions to organizational problems. We improve your process and procedures, organization structure, your strategic planning and your policies.

Business Analysis

With increased competition, disruptive forces, and the changing business landscape, it is more important than ever for companies to conduct business analysis on a regular basis to ensure strategic, project and organizational success for the company. Companies need to determine if what they are doing is effective, and if it is delivering Return on Investment (ROI). We identify your business bottlenecks ad we determine solutions to solve them.


ESSA (Eliminate, Simplify, Standardise Automate) strategy is based on – first try to eliminate waste in the process, if you can’t eliminate a step, simplify it. Once it is simplified, look to standardise the processes across locations. Once these are standardised as much as possible, then look for the ‘automation’ opportunity around specific tasks or workflow, which may be RPA, may be a different automation tool. Without simplification and standardisation of finance processes, it is difficult to drive replication opportunities, it takes more time and is more difficult to code and build the robots, and they are not scalable.

We walkthrough your process & procedures and advice.

We determine what steps need to be taken.

Activity Base Costings, Cost Efficiency and Pricing.

Excel, Access, Custom Web & Software Applications and Automation.

Our Key Process

We gather your needs and all relevant business information. We ask you for detail about your requirement which will follow with a Q&A session. We can use email, Skype, phone or travel to location.

We identify and quantify the value of opportunities for significant improvement.

We design and testing the best solution for the business. We improve your process and procedures, organization structure, your strategic planning and your policy. We develop software, Database, systems component that will result in a more efficient way to manage your data, resources and ultimately your business.

The Implementation Initiative is dedicated complete installation of the developed solutions. The result is the accelerated and sustainable implementation of a new and significantly more effective operating model that will significantly improve targeted performance.

Once the implementation process is completed you should approve the project delivered to you and provide feedback. Your feedback is an essential part of our continuous improvement process.